Interior Design

To begin the Full Design Process, our design team requires a 1-hour onsite survey review. Our designer visits the space to conduct a detailed in-person review, which consists of surveying the space in person. During this time, we capture measurements, photos and discuss the details of the completed design questionnaire to consider likes/dislikes and preferences for the interior project. After the onsite review, our design team will then submit to the client a detailed design proposal outlining the design fee investment, white glove delivery with storage cost and contracting fees. To move with the design services a signed contract will be required.  We also provide the minimum materials and decor budget required to bring the space to its design potential based on the client’s request. At DKOR HOME, we think it is best to let our client's know the minimum expectation in the project work scope before committing to a contract and having the client retain our services. However, the numbers are not 100% accurate. Therefore, we ask our clients consider an escrow budget for the unexpected. Some of the items included but not limited to are, delivery, storage fees, furniture, accessory items and latent defects that may occur in the contracting phase.


In this meeting, we will discuss the room or set of rooms involved in the project and how the client intend to use each room along with the ideas and goals for each space. We will also go over your budget and desired timeline for project completion. DKOR HOME will capture measurements and detailed photos for our records. Full design service fees start at a minimum of $5 per sq. ft. depending on the work scope required in a project. 

Included in your full design service fees are design concept, product sourcing (large furniture and small accessories) and client communication throughout the project timeline. We will manage furniture vendors; oversee all deliveries, communication and final onsite furniture placement. 

Our onsite consultation starts at $175, within a 50-mile radius of Cleveland. If you need design services outside of the travel distance, please email our design team to confirm your consultation rate before scheduling.

DESIGN PROPOSAL ISSUED (30 days to accept or reject proposal terms)

This proposal will provide details on the project scope of work and timeline given for the project needs. We ask our potential clients to contact our design team within 30 days of the proposal with their decision to accept or reject the terms of the agreement. Any design proposal issued over a 45-day timeframe requires a new full design site review as our design team discards all photos and site notes captured after 45 days.


Once the client agrees to the terms of the proposal, a 50% retainer fee is required for design services payable to DKOR HOME. Once the retainer payment is received and the contract has been signed, the client will then be issued a project timeline outlining when all future payments are required. The design presentation, materials and contracting timeline is based on the date noted in the proposal.


Congratulations, you have made the commitment to update your interior space! Once the client accepts the design proposal and services are secured, the process begins. The design concept will show furniture, textiles, lighting, paint colors or wallpaper. This will help give you an idea of what your new space will look like.


White glove delivery service includes warehouse storage up to 60 days. We will inspect upon arrival, all furniture items to confirm there are no damages to the product. This also includes delivery with trash removal. If a delivery arrives to the delivery warehouse damaged, we will contact the vendor and the appropriate action will be taken for replacement.


It is time to DKOR8 your life!! This is the day you have been waiting for. Your furniture will be delivered and styling begins. This process may take 1-3 days to complete.


Our design projects are captured with professional photography. A right to photography agreement will be included in the contract packet. Upon agreement, before and after photos will be taken.